Saturday, September 06, 2008

The keys to why John McCain is not fit to lead

Getting political is the one thing that's guaranteed to be more polarizing to our readership than a year of posts tracking the Israel Baseball League. Sorry. This election is too important and the prospect of a John McCain-Sarah Palin victory-- or worse, Palin succeeding McCain after he dies in office-- isn't acceptable. So like the guys at Fox News who've used our tabloid techniques to advance their conservative agenda, or the morons at MSNBC who spout their liberal bile so clumsily under the leadership of that sad mental case Olbermann, we'll point our tabloid resources to help give this country a chance to right itself.

And the "mainstream" media is relying us on to do the dirty work. Last night on Bill Maher's show, CNN's Jeffrey Toobin said that despite the evidence, he'll "take their word" that Palin really did give birth to a Down Syndrome baby in April. He and his colleagues will give her a pass because it's beneath them to investigate such an issue. Thank God for the National Enquirer.

No worries. The truth will come out. And the weight of the scandals and issues surrounding Sarah Palin will result in her being dropped from the ticket.

The most important issue is the bellicose John McCain's mental health in light of his five and half years of extreme mental torture as a prisoner of war. Is he the real Manchurian Candidate? Or will he simply snap? McCain himself has laid out the clues.

We'll begin there.

John McCain, UK Daily Mail, 08 February 2008:

"Interrogations were regular events. The sound of jangling keys at night, or other irregular times, had the effect of unexpected gunfire. I shot bolt upright the moment I heard it, gripped by terror, my heart beating so loudly I thought it would be audible.

"In the years after I came home, I never suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome. But I would tense up whenever I heard keys rattle, feeling the onset of an old fear come back to haunt me..."

From Salon, 22 May 2008:

"There are behaviors associated with the candidate that would be consistent with a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Author Robert Timberg mentions McCain's intense explosions of anger --- a hallmark sign of lingering mental trauma from war -- in his book 'John McCain: An American Odyssey.' Timberg describes the episodes as 'an eruption of temper out of all proportion to the provocation.' Timberg, who McCain has said 'knows more about me than I do,' wrote that McCain's sudden fury is a result of Vietnam coming 'back to haunt him.' McCain has himself described having an adverse reaction to the sound of jangling keys, which reminds him of his Vietnam jailers. McCain also told doctors that during solitary confinement he had strayed pretty "far out" and had referred to himself as 'mentally deteriorating'..."


Anonymous said...

Typical post from a typically unpatriotic liberal, showing total disrespect for a man's heroic service to our country. This is why you guys ALWAYS lose election, because while this sort of unAmerican shit plays well in you lefty backyards of Hollywood and New York, the rest of the country hates it. So keep at it, liberalBaby, keep disrespecting those who serve our country, you only end up making yourself look like an ass.

Anonymous said...

Typical RNC anonymous troll. Whatever...

Anonymous said...

Anyone who will vote should be made to watch the documentary "Outfoxed" which is available on DVD.
As for Palin - I would hope that anyone running for VP for either party would be smarter than I am. In this case - she is not. Just because Palin "is just like me" and likeable, doesn't make her qualified.