Friday, September 05, 2008

Whites Only: Help us find the 36 black people at the Republican National Convention

Hey, here's something to chew over while trying to swallow John McCain's talk about "change":

Out of the 2,380 delegates at the Republican National Convention, thirty-six were black.


Out of 2,380.

That's too bad. Because it would have been nice if Sarah Palin could have met a black person.


Jerry said...


But if you saw CNN's coverage they cut to a black person in the crowd every other minute or so... giving the illusion that the RNC took place in St. Louis rather than St. Paul

Anonymous said...

Gov. Palin has met a black person... the one that beat her for Miss Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Oh, here we go. Mr. TabloidBaby, the white Hollywood liberal (who probably lives in an all-white neighborhood) has to tell us all how much he loves black people and how much it offends him that there are not more black people at the Republican Convention.

You guilt-ridden white liberals are so predictable. Why don't you just put on a t-shirt that says "I Love Black People, Really I Promise"

Obama is a totally unqualified ultra-liberal with a real soft spot for muslim fundamentalists.

Hmmm... think I'll vote for the guy who actually has served his country, not Mr. "Hope", the "community activist" who spent 20 years clapping along with the bigot Jeremiah Wright.

Anonymous said...

I love Sarah Palin. She's a hottie. Notice how all the hot chicks are Republicans, while the fugly women like Barbra Mikulski are Demmycrats??

Anonymous said...

Speaking of fugly, look at Michael Moore on Larry King Live. Jesus, if I were that fat and smelly and ugly I would be a bitter motherfucker too.

Liberals are just basically a bunch of unpatriotic deviants. They hate people like McCain who are traditional and patriotic and serve America. And they hate a small-town Mom like Palin who goes to church and wants to protect the unborn.

But they love the muslims and don't want to secure our borders. Obama's father was Muslim, so under Islamic law that actually makes him a muslim.

Anonymous said...

Actually, what percent of the Republican party as a whole is black? If blacks make up 1% of the party then it is to be expected that they make up 1% of the delegates.

And it was Bush, not your hero Clinton (the perjurer and draft dodger) who appointed the first black secy of state, the first female black secy of state, and the most racially diverse cabinet in history.

And Bush 41 put a black man on the Supreme Court, Bill Clinton did not.

Anonymous said...

Are you the only one who doesn't know that Black people are pretty racist and will support a black candidate over a white one any day.