Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kanye West was taunted by TMZ thugs

It's no small wonder it was a cameraman from the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com who taunted notoriously tetchy celebrity Kanye West into smashing his camera at LAX this morning. And no small wonder the scumbags at TMZ had a second thug with a video camera there to shoot the scene, nice and wide.

CNN's perverted corporate cousin makes money for its corporate overlords at Time Warner and AOL by harassing and taunting celebrities, and the police ought to let Kanye go free for that reason alone.

And the television executives who put the inconsequential whitewashed television version of the guttersite on the air ought to ban them from showing this video on television-- because TMZ provoked and orchestrated the incident.

TMZ's time has come and gone. Everybody's tired of the rent boy shenanigans of shaved bronzed midget frontman Harvey Levin and his rent boy crew of lowlifes. And it would be nice if Kanye came back strong.

(Yes, that's one of Harvey's boys at right. It's the kind of photo that TMZ producers put on their MySpace pages.)

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