Monday, September 15, 2008

A Rick Wright death premonition?

The magazine at the top of the stack in the Tabloid Baby office restroom is a MOJO from October 1996 with the Beatles in the cover. For the past week or so, it's just happened to have been opened to pages 104 and 105, in the middle of the reviews section, highlighted by A Blacker Shade of Pink, a review of Broken China, the third album from Rick Wright of Pink Floyd, the guy who got fired from the original band in the Seventies and then hired back as a salaryman on tours, described therein as "always the most low-key figure in the equation.

"The subject matter of his third solo album, namely a friend's clinical depression, offers a rare peek into his private life... furthermore... it also passes the test of any Floyd-related outing by sounding jaw-droppingly great on the headphones."

And there's a brief interview:

Do you have any contact with Syd?

I read that he's now going blind. It's terribly sad. We don't go and see him because apparently if he's even reminded of Pink Floyd he goes into a depression for weeks on end. His mother asked us to stay away a few years ago. Apparently most of the time he's quite happy-- or was-- but our faces can trigger off a lapse.

Syd Barrett died July 2006. The mag also has a rare interview with Neil Aspinall (died March 2008). Evan Dando's on the same page.

Rick Wright's first solo album was called Wet Dream.

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