Monday, September 08, 2008

Sarah Palin, the end of days and the end of gays

Reverend Jeremiah Wright, meet Pastor Ed Kalnins from the Wasilla, Alaska Assembly of God Church. This is where Sarah Palin was baptised at the age of 12, and the church she attended the church for most of her adult life.

Pastor Ed preaches that the world will soon come to an end and that Alaska will serve as a "rescue state" for those who have been saved.

Her current church, the Wasilla Bible Church, teaches that homosexuals can be "cured" through prayer.

The video below shows Sarah speaking at the Assembly of God Church about God's plans for US troops in Iraq and God's hopes for a pipeline in Alaska.

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Anonymous said...

What makes you think anyone cares what your opinion is? Given that there are about a million other blogs covering this election, with actual reporters and bloggers who are on the trail and truly reporting news, what do you add to the mix? Answer: Nothing.

And given that there are 0 comments on most of your posts, it appears that I am the only one reading this.