Friday, August 22, 2008

Blanco notes reported flying pig sightings

Joaquin Blanco writes:

"Tabloid Bebê:

"I do not wish to trouble you, but your reprint of my iPhotos on the local de Bebê has caused me to get flood of e-mensagemes from many such as I who have seen the Topanga Flying Pig. Of great interest to me is this "shotscreen" of the traffic systems at LAX sent to me by a vizinho here in Westchester. The tela shows air traffic at 6:20 pm yesterday, precisely the time I was traversing os Garganta Topanga!

"Note the "UNKN" item with the curly trilha.

"Could this be? I to put BLOW LA plans aside for a few days to study this further. I am meeting tonight to discuss this with contacts made available to me during my time fencing with NASA over my Garbage Cane. Obviously, I cannot tell you whom or where.

"I will keep you apprised.

"Be discreet.

"Joaquin Blanco"

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