Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kate Coe is back with DeepGlamour.net

Kate Coe is back with a new mission and an exciting new website.

Kate, the Tabloid Baby pal and influential Internet investigative journalist, has been lying low since she split from Media Bistro's FishBowlLA website in April.

Her new turf is fashion, design, and adverts and media and-- Kate explains in the release for Deep Glamour:

"As of Monday, Virgina Postrel (The Atlantic, author of The Substance of Style) and I can be found blogging at DeepGlamour.net.

"We'll be writing about glamour, allure and all the seductive images that bombard us in the media and culture and what they really mean. We'll have exclusive interviews with mysterious and important figures like The Manolo, Simon Doonan, and everyone else we can seduce.

"Please feel free to post about our launch and link to us.

"We can promise provocative, witty posts with Virginia's astute analysis and my tart commentary on everything from Barack Obama to Bravo's Top Design, as well as brilliant writing from guest editors not found all over the internet.

"A woman can go farther with a lipstick
than a man with a Winchester
and a side of bacon."

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