Monday, August 25, 2008

The Democratic National Convention gets underway in Denver and Fox News is there (NSFW)

Don't play this in the office!


Anonymous said...

I am a staunch supporter of Israel and I would never vote for Obama. I know he said all the right things at the AIPAC convention but other things concern me.

1. He spent 20 years in a bastion of anti-semitic and anti-Israel venom, and instead of rejecting that pastor he embraced him and made him part of the family, only tossing him aside when it become politically necessary. Does anyone really believe Obama was absent every time Rev Wright made such comments?

2. Prior to running for senate Obama cultivated ties to Chicago's Palestinian community, and was side by side with notorious anti-Israel professor Edward Said when Said was honored in Chicago. Just look it up if you want to see the extent of his ties to Muslim fundraisers and various anti-Israel figures in Chicago.

3. Obama was endorsed by a spokesperson for Hamas. Hamas!!

4. Obama wants to welcome Ahmedinajad to the White House with open arms. No President of either party has met with the head of Iran since the Islamic fundamentalists took over. How could Obama take the word of such a man on anything? How could Obama give this man such a platform? Bill Clinton never gave such recognition. It shows a naivete and insensitivity, it is like inviting the head of the Nazi party to the White House for a chat.

I will vote for John McCain- yes, I know he is old and not the hot new fad that all the Hollywood liberals are in love with. But let's be honest, Hollywood is only concerned about fashionable causes like Global Warming, most of the people in Hollywood wouldn't care if Israel was wiped off the map tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

This kind of content just proves that democrats, the 'true acceptors of differences', are violence-mongering hypocrites. How can you preach acceptance, yet hate so much? You chant profanities in the ears of children, is that the way you want your kids to treat others?

I'd hate to be one of you, and have to look in the mirror every day, because I actually have a conscience.

This kind of attitude and conduct is unbefitting of our nation.

Vote Libertarian, give us OUR country back.

Anonymous said...

I heard McCain is picking between David Solomot and Larry Baras as his VP running mates...does that change anyone's mind...;-)
c'mon, what would a TB comment be without an IBL reference...really!