Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We apologize humbly to sports editor Jeremy Last

Jeremy Last
Jerusalem Post Sports editor
June 1, 2007 - August 6, 2008?

Jeremy Last has emailed again, this time complain that we haven't given him his due as sports editor of the Jerusalem Post. The man who wrote on his public blog that Post executives were "disgusting, appallingly run cheapskates who threatened him with Sopranos-like tactics (before hastily deleting the entry after our post yesterday) was originally upset becuse we speculated that he and other Jerusalem Post "reporters" relied on the work of Our Man Elli in Israel that has appeared on this site and our voluminous Baseball in Israel archive site for their infrequent and late reports on the international scandal of the Israel Baseball League in their bailywick.

Now however, Jeremy is upset, rightfully so, that we identified him as a Jerusalem Post "sports columnist" (though he did come to our attention for columns he's written) and not "Sports Editor... since June 1, 2007."

For that, offer our sincere and humble apologies.

We didn't realize that Jeremy is the one to blame for the Post's missing out on Israel's biggest sport story since Munich! It's Jeremy, not some anonymous editor who decided, as Jeremy wrote to us, to ignore the IBL story because "we haven't had the resources to do so and it is a nightmare getting hold of anyone involved in the IBL anyway."

Haven't had the resources? Does your paper not have a business reporter? A crime reporter?

Reassign the hacky sack correspondent!

Jeremy's excuse that his sports department didn't cover the IBL story because it was "a nightmare getting hold of anyone" would be a fireable offense in our journalistic world.

And to admit that he did not do the most basic elementary legwork in the 21st century-- a simple Google search-- should be a fireable offense on any mainstream newspaper.

Again: Sorry, Jeremy Last, Sports Editor of The Jerusalem Post since June 1, 2007.

And because you dont want us to use your publicly-posted photos available to anyone doing an, ahem, Google search, we'll use the next closest thing, since most every photo we've found has you with a drink in your hand.

Here are Jeremy's latest comments on our companion site:

"Its amazing how you do your best to make other people look silly without accepting your own mistakes.

"Perhaps its simply a time for a little humility.

"First, please stop calling me 'Jerusalem Post columnist'. I am the Sports Editor of the newspaper, and have been since June 1, 2007.

"Secondly, just accept that I and no one at the newspaper had read your web site before we wrote the stories that you claim had been copied from your web site.

"i know its hard for you to believe, but it is, in fact, the truth.

"Secondly, I never gave you permission to use my photos from facebook or my blog, so please remove them.




IBL Vet said...

The Post didn't have the resources or just didn't give a damn about the IBL.

I was interviewed by some 17yr old intern that had a pen and a small notepad like the ones you see guys at the horse track using in movies.

Then in the article, at least half of the people quoted names were misspelled.

Anonymous said...

let me reiterate:

Is Jeremy Last the comic relief to this whole saga? Because that guy is one pathetic joke. Writes a column saying the problem of the IBL was a lack of advertising among Israelis? THAT was the problem? Can someone get this guy a clue?

Joe Schick said...

As far as the JPost being cheap:

In 1990, I covered U.S. sports for the Post. I was supposed to be paid $40 an article (I was 17 years old then and it sounded like a lot of money) plus my actual expenses. After a number of months, they sent me $400 total and said that's all I'd get. I'm still waiting for the rest of the money.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy who?

please tell me why this is even an issue...

Anonymous said...

he's the sports editor of the Jerusalem Post, the local paper in this story who got his clocked cleaned by these shtarkers. he keeps coming back to declare he did not steal their stories.
and digs a deeper hole every time.
i get it.

Playa said...

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Jeremy LAst said...


Who are you?

Give me the scoop!

Not Playa said...


simple google search and that was found. See Burt, others know how to use google to find info and "inside scoop" like you and your "staff"

tabloidbaby said...


What the???

It's no secret that this site is a tribute to Burt Kearns and his book Tabloid Baby.

He's even listed as editor!

Buy the book!

Sam, Shmuley, Franklin, Dakota, Bambi, Ronnie, Phil, Don, Dave, Dee, Mick, Tich, Irving the courier, Woody and the rest of the gang of idiots!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Good one Burt, like anyone is gonna buy your book.