Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Players, coaches... interested parties should become the league": Scott Cantor, the Israel Baseball League's oldest player, offers a modest proposal

No, there are no games scheduled in the Israel Baseball League's promised show fest. It never happened and "in-coming president" David Solomont, for all his promises, remains silent on the latest fine mess (except that Our Man Elli in Israel has word that Solomont has indicated to people that Larry Baras and Dan Duquette are still in equity control of the IBL).

But Scott Cantor, who, as a 51-year-old pitcher with the Petach Tikva Pioneers was the oldest player in the Israel Baseball League,has offered this proposal to bring some sort of resolution to the chaos and mountain of debt that have been left in wake of the first and so far sole season of the Israel Baseball League:

1. All of last year's players should pool what ever we were paid and distribute the pool evenly to all the players.

2. The IBL players, coaches, managers, baseball administrators, and former trustees, plus all honestly interested parties should team together and become the league.

3. The people and institutions that are owed money would have to be negotiated with and brought in as partners or work out a settlement.

Feasible? Possible?
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Not bloody likely. There is no way most players are going to give up the money they fought to get. Most players cant afford to put their money in a pool. Do you think the Dominicans and the Columbians would pool their money? I think not. Most of the players were fresh outta college or broke college students. The other two ideas are good, but the first one does not make sense.

Anonymous said...

tough to get these guys to pool the money o/w i think it sounds good
and cantor is a solid guy so hopefully so good comes from this
oh and one other guideline keep that d-bag elli out of the mix

Anonymous said...

I also think that the players that just went to Israel for the Festivus should be paid $1,000
That should be part of the pool!

Anonymous said...

Scott is a good guy but do you really think people will pool their Money?
Do you think that creditors will be happy with 20 cents on a dollar?
Do you think anybody no matter how wealthy or stupid wants to pay debts
of scam artists?

Anonymous said...

why should the players that were paid after last season bail out the "reputable businessmen" that were in charge of the IBL in 2007. these individuals need to be held accountable for their activities, fraudulant or not.

Anonymous said...

Since Larry Baras and Dan Duquette(Sorry Dan,you just got in bed with the wrong guy )are holding equity in this league, one must terminate it asap. It is founded on thievery. It can and will never suceed!

Anonymous said...

When are we going to start hearing details on the winter league?
Will it be in Eilat?
A week long festival again?
4 teams? 6? A full 30 team league?
Israeli players or just Americans?

bud selig said...

How can you do anything with these stupid shm---- .They couldn't even play an exhibition game! The only way there will be baseball in Israel is if the IBL folds peacefully or forcibley and proper people start baseball from scratch.