Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lara Logan swimsuit photos rule okay

Our quest to win back our readership after our yearlong fling with Israeli baseball has gotten a big boost thanks to Lara Logan, the sexy lactating foreign correspondent who just got her booty grounded in Washington with a plum gig meant to keep her not from getting killed, but getting knocked up and busting up another marriage in a hot warzone.

Forty thousand unsolicited hits alone on a Labor Day Weekend Saturday!

All thanks to a recent report that Lara's off the road after her brawling Iraq love triangle scandal and settled into her gig as "chief foreign affairs correspondent" (funny she'd have the word "affairs" in the title) in deadly dull D.C... all because, two years ago, back before the "mainstream" gave a hoot, we had our Tabloid Baby nation on alert to look for the legendary Lara Logan swimsuit photos she'd posed for before her rise to fame as the hottest and hottest-looking television news host and correspondent of our time (the ones that helped give her the nickname 34D Lara in the UK).

Of course we found them.

We still say CBS should give her Katie Couric's job. We'd watch.

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