Sunday, August 31, 2008

Secrets & Lies: So Sarah Palin never gave birth to a Down Syndrome baby after all-- her daughter did?

At first it appeared that Sarah Palin had given birth to a baby with Down Syndrome earlier this year in order to prove a point about the "right to life."

Now, there's apparently evidence that Sarah, who raised eyebrows returning to work as governor three days after a premature delivery, never had a baby at all, but in old-school extreme-Christian fashion, pretended, in order to cover up for her sixteen-year-old daughter, the actual mother of the child (ask Jack Nicholson about that ploy).

A tip of the Tabloid Baby hat to the Daily Kos for a great little investigation.

Let's see how long it takes for the "mainstream media" to jump on this one. They'll probably wait til the most opportune moment for her to get bounced from the race, but why wait? Because when it comes to a major part of the electorate, this sort of big public lie can actually help Sarah Palin, as the Juno/Juneau twist will only deepen the Lifetime movie "story" this dangerous loose cannon is running on.  In fact, that could have been the plan, all along.

(Click photo to enlarge belly)

At seven months, allegedly.

Read the evidence and decide if it's worth following up.

(UPDATE: Drudge links to the backlash --"Lefty Bloggers Go After Palin's 16 year old Daughter..."--  a clever way to get to the story without angering the constituency.) 


Anonymous said...

Women that have downs syndrome babies usually carry a lot of fluid... She is seen to have none.. oooo boy did John McCain make a bad move.. That pic of her at the governor's convention w/ Janet napalinto... She looks skinny that is no pregnant woman.. I know my wife is 5'8" 140 and 3 kids and at 6 mo it is unmistakable and at 8 mo even a blind man would know.. she is a big ??????

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

This truly is a sad ass site. You're a bad a blogger as you were tabloid TV producer. Go back to the '80's and start over.

Anonymous said...

This site is stupid but I am glad I stumbled onto it, now I know how ignorant people are. I feel dirty for even being here. I hope to god that Obama does not win but if he does I can't wait to see all of the people complaining becasue they have less than before and that the government is controling everything. People who can do, people who can't ask the government to do everything for them.

Anonymous said...

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