Saturday, November 26, 2005

Joaquin Blanco, Ho! Ho! Ho!

Forget Candy Cane Lane.

Westchester is where it’s at when it comes to Christmas sightseeing in L.A.

And let us be the first to ask: What will Joaquin Blanco do for an encore?

Last Christmas season, the tabloid conceptual artist stunned the art world— and delighted neighbors— when he created a monumental “Garbage Cane” sculpture in the front yard of a friend.

A giant candy cane, made up of thirty garbage cans and adorned by faux-crystal lamps, lit up the area and attracted Christmas car traffic from miles around.

The garbage candy cane made headlines around the world, and sent a Yuletide buzz through the New York City art scene when it was featured in the New York Post's Page Six column.

Blanco told the LA Times he was also going to create a grouping of lollipops made from the canister lids but decided against it. "I'm pooped," he said.

See the night and day shots above. And stay tuned here for news on what Joaquin Blanco plans for Christmas 2005!