Monday, August 18, 2008


Our Man Elli in Israel reports that the entire, though shortened five-day show festival promised by new Israel Baseball League "in-coming president" David Solomont at the Baptist Village sports complex has been canceled.

Still no word from the IBL bunker. Details to follow.


Anonymous said...

It is only canceled in Baptiste.
Maybe they can find a different field?

Zman Biur said...

Since when is there a different field?

Anonymous said...

Mr Zman isn't there a field in Southern Israel (Negev) the same place where they are planning the winter league?

Anonymous said...

lets just say the field in southern Israel has a lot of infield dirt, lots of mounds...not so much grass though, and lots of places to sit....kind of like Gezer.

Anonymous said...

people, they got gotz, zilch, nada, effes. that is all they ever had. they work on the theory that some kind of sucker is born every minute...and they proved it.