Wednesday, August 13, 2008

While everyone else sang the outro to "Hey Jude," these two guys were singing "Shangri-La"...

Brett Hudson and Neil Innes at the Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago. Lots of photos and videos of the big weekend where The Seventh Python, the new Neil Innes biopic produced by Brett and the gang at Frozen Pictures, are beginning to show up online.


Anonymous said...

listen burt, no one cares about your movie. Can't you tell? No one comments on it. Stick to Israel Baseball if you want traffic.

killer heels said...

I disagree.

I'm interested in news about the movie. If balls and sticks turns YOU on; then go get a dog and walk it!

Seventh Python is ace.

ddubbiedo said...

Anonymous has no balls which is why he will always be anyonymous. I suspect his very existance is a redundancy.

I have seen the movie now twice and it is a fitting tribute to a man who should have been recognized long ago! Kudos to Burt and Brett for doing this brilliant docucomedy.