Friday, August 15, 2008

JNF macher, IBL vets arrive in Israel for show fest

Russell Robinson, Chief Executive Officer of the Jewish National Fund, was spotted today sitting in the lobby of the five-star fancy-shmancy King David Hotel in Jerusalem late Friday afternoon, prompting speculation that he may be throwing out the first pitch in the delayed, and shortened to five-days, Israel Baseball League show festival now set to begin Sunday evening.

The close relationship between the JNF and the IBL, now led by controversial and mysterious Boston businessman David Solomont, has begin to whip up even more controversy since it was claimed in the latest controversial IBL press release:

"Tickets will be sold at the door with all proceeds to benefit JNF's Project Baseball."

Our Man Elli In Israel has also confirmed a reader's comment (thank you!) that IBL veterans (Solomont's "All-Star" team) Shoeless Leon Feingold, Bryan Pinchuk, Willis Bumphus, David Kramer and Josh Doane are in Israel while, for some reason, Ray Rodriguez and Mike Lyons didn't make their flights.


Anonymous said...

So, when is your man Elli gonna do some crack reporting and publish an interview of Russell Robinson answering some tough questions?

Anonymous said...

Where does "Shoeless" come from for Feingold?

One-spike would be more appropriate since he did pitch in a game at Gezer wearing only one spike and a running shoe after he forgot one of his spikes in his room.

Anonymous said...

go IBL!
hey elli stop by and say hi at the games
it should be fun
maybe you can interview one of the kids there drum up a scoop

Anonymous said...

don't worry, Elli will be there. I don't know if he will show up to where the players are staying..at neve ilan. boom!

Anonymous said...

oh a real secret, neve ilan boom boom:-)

Jason said...

Martin.......Why don't you sign your name to your posts? STOP making like you don't read this stuff!

Anonymous said...

Heard they couldn't get enough guys, so they're going to have a "500" tournament.

curious said...

whats a "500"tournament?

Anonymous said...

what's a 500 tournament? ask chili how to play 500.