Sunday, March 16, 2008

Now Michael Lohan wants to sue Ashton Kutcher

Lindsay Lohan's father Michael has more than one new television "reality" show to be mad about. While he’s screaming about his ex-wife Dina stealing his ideas and title for her new Living Lohan series on E!, we hear he’s also ready to climb into the legal ring against television production heavyweight (and Demi Moore husband) Ashton Kutcher.

Kutcher’s latest show, Pop Fiction, premiered on E! last week, and appears to be a twist on his series Punk’d-- instead of “punking” celebrities, the celebs are punking the people.

But as viewers of this site would know, Pop Fiction is very similar to Deeds, Lohan’s show pilot that was featured in The Michael Lohan Reality Project salestape that was a huge hit on YouTube (the one in which he dressed up as a homeless person).

As seen in the clip above, Lohan stands before a "Punk’d" logo and says:

“Deeds is a lot like the show, Punk’d.
It’s about celebrities going into the streets, in disguise.
And getting people to do good deeds.”

We reported on Friday reported that Michael Lohan is up in arms over his ex-wife Dina’s alleged appropriation of his reality show concept and title with the new “Living Lohan” show on the E! network. And Michael has a point, since his original concept, “Living with The Lohans,” was pitched and publicized a few years ago-- with the twist of Michael and Dina giving it another shot for the sake of the kids.

And remember that the Bible-thumping parolee’s own reality show was nixed largely because of Dina’s ties to the Hollywood machine -– not to mention, insiders say, because of the Christian angle (the networks do not want to tread on sacred turf).

In any case, the rejection was short-sighted in light of Michael’s activities in the months since he made the rounds of pitch meetings (and then, in a boneheaded moment of panic, denied the show even existed!)-- reconciling with Lindsay, reuniting his family, and getting in the papers on a weekly basis.

What about the producers of The Michael Lohan Reality Project? We spoke this morning to Brett Hudson one of our pals at Frozen Pictures.

“We have no argument or issues with E! or Ashton or Dina," Brett said. "I understand Michael’s frustration, but there are lots of reasons our series hasn’t been picked up yet. And his legal status (note: Lohan is on parole) is top of the list. And if you want to know the truth, I've got bigger issues with Michael. This show isn't going anywhere until he pays back the money he owes us."

Whoa. Sounds like an update is in the offing. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Actually, this whole family seems very risky to deal with on any level. I would like to see episodes of this guy's mess, but I think Frozen Pictures could apply the same production techniques to another, more marketable name. I think Lohan on The Apprentice would've been a perfect fit; too bad for the legal problems.

SicNic said...

oh c'mon leave ashy k alone. his show is great. i can't wait to see the new episode this sunday on E!