Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bloodline trailer hits theatres

The trailer for Bloodline arrives in theatres in New York and Los Angeles today.

The documentary film traces a three-year investigation into the relationship between Jesus Christ and Mary Magdelene (and whether they got married and had kids) and culminates in the discovery of a body. How's that for a teaser? British investigator Bruce Burgess and American producer Rene Barnett have worked against all odds in creating this real-life, edge-of-your seat thriller that's even more involving than its cousin, The DaVinci Code.

Because it's real.

The movie is set to open in May in theatres across America. Tabloid Baby pal Daniel Brown (not the DaVinci author but the film editor-- see The Seventh Python) edited the film. And he's among many banging the drum (which he also does in his alt career as a musician).

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