Monday, March 10, 2008

We have the new poster for The Seventh Python

Our pals at Frozen Pictures today unveiled the poster (click it to enlarge it) for their new musical film about satirist, songwriter, performer and genius Neil Innes of The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Monty Python and Rutles fame. Word is the film's trailer will debut next Monday at Martin Lewis' 30th anniversary screenings of The Rutles' TV special, All You Need is Cash, at the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard (the first screening's sold out; a second's been added), at which all four Rutles will be reunited for the first time in years.


Anonymous said...

"Our pals at Frozen Pictures"?! You ARE Frozen Pictures, Burt. Stop trying to distance yourself from your shameless self-promotion by disguising it as a media report.

tabloidbaby said...


Tabloid Baby is a separate entity from Frozen Pictures and the Tabloid Baby staff prides itself on its editorial independence.

Seriously, lady, what's so "shameless" about offering our readers the exclusive first look at the poster for the next big hit movie?


--TB staff

Anonymous said...

"Tabloid Baby is a separate entity from Frozen Pictures." A separate entity operated in part by the same man, Burt Kearns. "The Tabloid Baby staff prides itself on its editorial independence." Two of the last six posts on this blog have promoted Burt Kearns' companies or associates' interests. Editorial independence?

tabloidbaby said...

What the hell are you talking about?
We have an interest in potatoes?
Hillary Clinton?
Elliott Spitzer?
The Israel Baseball League?
The South Georgia Peanuts?
James Frey?
Etc? Etc?
No one tells us what to write.

Step out from behind your cloak of anonymity or stop needling us.

Meanwhile, enjoy the free poster.

And go to Amazon.com to pick up copies of
Tabloid Baby
Cloud 9
Basketball Man!

Anonymous said...

We will step from our "cloak of anonymity" when you cease to post comments on your own site as "anonymous" yourself.

tabloidbaby said...

Sorry again, lady, but we only post comments under our own monicker.

But feel free to comment anonymously. We know who you are, so it doesn't matter if the rest of the world does.

And buy Cloud 9!

Anonymous said...

Burt Kearns (Tabloid Baby) "directed and produced Basketball Man" and "wrote and produced the 2006 20th Century Fox movie Cloud 9" - wikipedia. Your legitimacy as a media outlet is laughable.

tabloidbaby said...

"Burt Kearns (Tabloid Baby) 'directed and produced Basketball Man' and 'wrote and produced the 2006 20th Century Fox movie Cloud 9' - wikipedia. Your legitimacy as a media outlet is laughable."

Lady, are you a total nitwit?

Tabloidbaby.com is a frigging blogsite designed as a tribute to Burt Kearns' acclaimed landmark book. Tabloid Baby. Duh! Of course you're going to get news about Mr. Kearns and his projects.

But Tabloid Baby relies on contributors from around the world. It's a site for opinion and satire and news from the Tabloid Baby world. And smart people get it.

We understand that you're bitter because nobody buys your pompous books-- but stupid too? Why not start your own blog and we're sure Mr. Kearns will link to it.

Please reply. We look forward to seeing how long this idiotic exchange can continue.

Anonymous said...

Getting a little worked up, are we? Funny how the truth does that, Burt.

tabloidbaby said...

The "truth"?

The truth is out there! On the site! In plain view!

Lady, you can't be serious!

Buy Cloud 9!

Anonymous said...

Buy Cloud 9! And, while you're at it, pick up Policy Academy 14!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who you think I am, and don't really care, but you should call up whoever you think I am and give her an earful. In case you hadn't figured it out, there are plenty of people that enjoy getting a rise out of you by calling you out on your dishonest and inaccurate posts.

tabloidbaby said...

How dare you say we are dishonest!

Maybe we should jump off the roof the Comedy Store!

And stay tuned for important news about The Seventh Python from our PALS at Frozen Pictures.