Monday, March 31, 2008

Israel baseball tryouts find fifty in Florida

At $25 a head per hopeful, Jeffrey Rosen and his would-be Israel Professional Baseball League at least walked away with about $1,250 in pocket money after holding tryouts for a potential 2008 season of baseball in Israel yesterday.

The tryouts took place at Miami Dade College in Florida, and according to one of our spies who's been in touch with Our Man Elli in Israel (who's on a lecture tour in the USA):

"It was really, really good. All fifty guys got to hit, field and HIT-- as opposed to the previous regime. It was a good group of guys from around the USA."

Hmmm. No word on "gals"-- this was advertised as a co-ed tryout, after all-- but it looks like an impossible dream is one step closer to... something.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it really looks like Rosen is going to pull this off and save baseball 2008 in Israel!

Anonymous said...

scooper!!!!hellooooooo! did you notice he cancelled the april tryouts.
$1250 good way to start off the season, ha!!
i bet if you were to ask coach from dade what he really thought , he would tell you that there really was no talent that could be called pro's

but i heard that there will be baseball in israel 2008 but it won't be Rosen.

and that chaim Kats guy will be giving it away to someone else .
Rosen has to cough up too much money in order to play in Israel

Anonymous said...

Yes the guy playing baseball in Israel this summer is Larry Baras.
He has made amends with all.
Good luck Larry on your upcoming successful season.

Anonymous said...

i heard that Rollhaus is Playing short and Batting 4th for one team and Gardner is the #1 pitcher for another-The only baseball Larry will see is on television-Too many people are still unpaid and this is a real shitty thing-Over a half million dollars for the people that took care of the league-Ambulances,Trainers,Security-Dorm and food-all remain unpaid -yetno problem to screw and move on........

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has a rightful gripe about the IBL players and vendors who have not been paid yet should write their letters and address their venom to Larry Baras, Chip Argoyle, Martin Berger, Dan Kurtzer and Marv Goldklang, the key players at the top of the IBL food chain. Hell, sue the heck out of Baras, Berger and the IBL/IBP. There's no doubt that THEY lied to everyone and screwed many, many people over and simply continue to deny accountability. That said, anyone with half a brain who doesn't have some absurd axe to grind would recognize that the guys getting the IPBL going have as much of an obligation to the creditors as Sports Authority or some other new sporting goods chain had to Herman's World of Sporting Goods when Herman's went belly up...and at least Herman's filed for bankruptcy and had books and records to show for their failed business. The IBL hasn't been able to show anything, what, for six and a half months (after a two month season). What do you guys have to do? Get hit over the head with a sledgehammer?
You snipers out there, get a freakin' life. Picking on Rollhaus and Gardner is weak. Why don't you channel your energies into pressing your buddy Larry to make a legitimate financial disclosure? Maybe because you realize that no-one can accomplish the impossible?

Anonymous said...

It is not that impossible. It just takes someone with some balls(and I don't mean the baseball kind) to sue Larry and the bunch.