Monday, March 03, 2008

Rutles reunion brings Neil Innes to Hollywood!

Neil Innes, subject and star of the new musical documentary feature The Seventh Python from our pals at Frozen Pictures, is coming to Los Angeles! Neil will be joining legendary Eric Idle, erstwhile Beach Boy Ricky Fataar and the dour-faced John Halsey-- AKA Dirk, Nasty, Stig & Barry-- to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash, at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood on March 17.

The event is presented by American Cinematheque's Mods & Rockers Film Festival, and will feature a screening of the film, which was written and co-directed by Python and Spamalot genius Idle-- as well as clips from the sequel and other rarities.

All You Need Is Cash premiered on NBC March 22, 1978 to low ratings and instant acclaim.

Click here for updates on The Seventh Python.

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