Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We remember James Bogdanoff

The original generation of tabloid babies, some of them grown up and working for "mainstream" network news operations, others still churning away on the celebutarded tabloid TV wheel two decades later, came together in Manhattan over the weekend for the funeral of one of James Bogdanoff. He died of cancer last week, too young at 47. We knew and worked with James back in the early days of tabloid television when he was a top producer at A Current Affair and later its competitors. Always cheerful, always getting with the story, he most recently was helping set the national media agenda as a producer for ABC's Good Morning America. GMA personality Robin Roberts wept on the air when she announced his passing. Diane Sawyer and Deborah Norville spoke at his funeral. The ABC News site says: "His entire life was a testament to what is best in men. At work with us, he loved television, loved bringing the cares, hopes, passions and thoughts of his friends, neighbors and real people to what we produced each day for America. Nobody had a better eye for a picture that would glue people to a television set. He was a total joy to be with at work. Friendly, caring, a guy without a mean bone in his body." that sounds about right. James was a good guy; he had a wife and daughter and raised his nephews after their parents died.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the write-up. Sounds like a good man and one of TV's kinder behind-the-scenes visionaries.


I would be happier to read an obituary like this every day than to read the name of the latest murderer. I think people like this man should be lauded before they die too, of course! I also had a brother who died when his kids were young. I know how hard that is for all the parties involved. It takes a special person to adopt children without question. These are the people who deserve news coverage! They make a REAL difference in this world!! Every murderer should be given a number and have their names forgotten forever. I am sure there would be fewer people deciding to become famous for heinous crimes if no one would ever know their names.
God knows their are too many famous killers already!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if James Bogdanoff's family originated from the Philadelphia area and his mother, or a near relative, once worked as an NBC seamstress. There were 'BOGDANOFF's' in my wife's family.

Gene Starn

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