Monday, March 17, 2008

The Seventh Python movie to premiere in June at Mods & Rockers Film Festival in Hollywood

The world premiere of The Seventh Python, the Neil Innes biopic produced by our pals at Frozen Pictures, will take place in June at the American Cinematheque's Mods and Rockers Film Festival at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

The announcement was made tonight by festival founder, host and curator Martin Lewis, as he premiered The Seventh Python trailer (above) before the festival's 30th anniversary screening of The Rutles in All You Need Is Cash at which the four stars of the film, Innes, Eric Idle, Ricky Fataar and John Halsey were united for the first time.

Meet The Rutles:
Martin Lewis (right) introduces John Halsey, Ricky Fataar, Neil Innes & Eric Idle

The trailer can also be viewed here on the new Seventh Python movie website that went into operation tonight.

Lewis said The Seventh Python will open the festival, and that Neil Innes will most likely be on hand for the much-anticipated world premiere.

"I want to see the Neil Innes movie," Eric Idle told the enthusiastic crowd. "Not only is he an untold story, he's an unsold Tory!"

"We're honored to be invited to such a prestigious and acclaimed festival," said Python director Burt Kearns, who wrote and produced the nonfiction musical with Brett Hudson. "Martin Lewis has done tremendous things and made worldwide headlines this week and we're especially grateful that he found the time to be so generous to us and our film. This is the perfect place to introduce this picture and Neil Innes' gifts to the world."

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