Friday, March 14, 2008


Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael has given his blessing in the past to his ex-wife’s rival “reality” series, but now that Dina’s show has been picked officially by E!, he's fighting mad, and charging larceny of the concept... and title!

Michael emails us about “this ‘Living Lohan’ thing”:

“Dina took our entire concept and used it....Including the name. Ours was ‘Living with the Lohans’....hers is "Living Lohan". How creative!!!!

"I spoke to Dominic (Barbara), Ben (Petrofsky), Barry Gross and John Di Mascio, all attornies, and every one confirms that I pitched the exact same show to Dina back in 2004. It was even in the press when Dina and her bodyguard (Ty Dux) leaked it out and even said, what a stupid idea it was. IT IS OUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY! I believe that you even said that you pitched it to Bunim and Murray. You should do a whole piece on this…"

Our pals at Frozen Pictures are the ones behind The Michael Lohan Reality Project, the brilliant but so-far too-controversial-for-television reality series staring Daddy L and the colorful characters—from Rev. Jimmy Jack to Lindsay—in his new life. The concept—Lohan out of prison, out to reunite his family, save his famous daughter and, as a minister with an evangelical outreach program, save others—all the while dancing on the razor edge of parole and coming up with his own television show ideas—was captured in a wild sales tape that became an Internet hit after Perez Hilton went with it (see it on the right hand side of this site).

The hipsters at Defamer called it:

“the mind-fuck Michael Lohan reality show… watching Mikey sending former Baywatch babes into the arms of perverts, traipsing around cities in a Tyra-like attempt to see what it feels like to be homeless, and beginning the video pitch while standing in front of a glamour shots cloud background…”

Alex Blagg of VH1’s Best Week Ever wrote:

“Look at this clip reel, and for the love of God, give Michael Lohan the reality show he so desperately wants. Who needs Jim & Pam & The Office?... The most talented comedy genius on the planet couldn’t come up with this stuff.”

Michael did indeed pitch to Dina a show called "Living with The Lohans" as an alternative to his big-money divorce demands before he went off to prison three years ago. And the big, powerful Hollywood publicists linked to Dina and once-golden goose Lindsay did much to keep Michael's reality project off the air. But why a network honcho wouldn’t take his show and pair it with Dina’s, creating

The Living La Vida Lohan Loco Hour

is beyond us. Those Lohans are a hell of a lot more interesting than the Kardashians. Or Paris Hilton. Or those housewives in Orange County. Or Manhattan. Or those little people.


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" Those Lohans are a hell of a lot more interesting than the Kardashians. Or Paris Hilton. Or those housewives in Orange County. Or Manhattan. Or those little people."

You said it. Frozen Pictures had it right with this one. Screw the networks, put it out on DVD! I'll definitely buy. And Dina has no star sizzle and no class, sorry to say .......

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Thanks for the comment, Burt.

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^ Hey.

Female. Never met the guy. Do read the blog. May buy the book.

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