Friday, March 14, 2008

"Touching, hilarious & inventive!" Sneak screening yields pix & first review of The Seventh Python

We've telling you for months about The Seventh Python, the new musical documentary from our pals at Frozen Pictures. But leave it to us, so wary of potential conflicts of interest, to give up the exclusive on the first screening of the film, which took place Wednesday night on the Sunset Strip.

The journos at Fishbowl LA are on the spot, reporting on the exclusive event at the Sunset Screening Room, attended by the man himself, Mr. Neil Innes:

"At a discreet screening room on Sunset, a select group gathered to watch The Seventh Python, the new documentary from Frozen Pictures. The film, a portrait of rock legend Neil Innes, of Bonzo Dog Band and The Rutles fame, is the work of Burt Kearns, Brett Hudson, animator Bonnie Rose, editor Dan Brown, and producer Sean Connors. Crowd reaction was strongly approving of the film, which is touching, hilarious and inventive.

"Hanging out were Weird Al Yankovic, Emo Phillips, Martin Lewis, Alison Holloway, TV producers Peter Brennan and Lisa Lew. Chelsea Lately writer Steve Rosenfield assured us that Chelsea Handler herself is really funny.

"We're so relieved.

"Innes, here with a fan, will be at the Monday screening of All You Need is Cash as part of the Mods and Rockers film fest of the American Cinematheque."

Fishbowl posted the photos above, so below we have our own exclusive photo of the only food served at the event: cheese & onions.

(And a tip of the Tabloid Baby hat to PR legend Jeff Abraham, for coming up with the cheese & onions idea).

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