Monday, March 17, 2008

Congratulations, Max Robins!

"Tabloid Baby is a compelling, vodka-laced chronicle that pulls back the curtain on the helter-skelter world of tabloid TV. Celebrities’ bad behavior—illicit sex, substance abuse, betrayal and revenge— are commonplace in the weird world of Tabloid Baby… Some of the incidents in Tabloid Baby are laugh-out-loud funny… I can corroborate how accurately he captures the era… Kearns does his subjective best to show how the tabloid genre stripped away pretensions from the news.

"He demonstrates how a bare-knuckle style of reporting often produced exclusives, while occasionally even bringing insight to the most sensational stories of the decade..."

That early rave review in TV Guide was the first step on Tabloid Baby's rise to legendary status as one of the most acclaimed journalism tomes of all time. The review appeared in the magazine's influential column, The Robins Report, written by former Variety reporter, heavyweight media writer and Tabloid Baby pal, J. Max Robins. Max went on to become editor and chief of Broadcasting & Cable. This week, it's announced he's been appointed vice president and executive director of The Paley Center’s Media Council and International Council effective April 7th.

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In an unrelated development, Burt Kearns had rave reviews for "When Pets Go Bad 2."