Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yeah, why isn't TMZ covering Owen Wilson?

We mentioned this morning that the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ has fallen "mysteriously short" in its coverage of Hollywood's biggest, most shocking and mainstream story of the week. Now, powerful New York City media site Gawker joins us in asking:

Why Isn't TMZ Covering Owen Wilson?

Since Owen Wilson was hospitalized on Sunday, TMZ has done five posts about the world's saddest clown. This is a bit odd, considering that on the single day that Lindsay Lohan got caught with cocaine in the pants that weren't hers, the site did 24. Why aren't they updating us on his every move? Why haven't they talked to "friends" and his brothers and anyone who ever took a crap within a 12-mile radius of him? Something's fishy. Is TMZ suddenly all sensitive because Owen attempted suicide? Maybe. But doubt it. Any ideas? Do let us know.
Yes, do let us know.


Anonymous said...

Nobody goes to TMZ unless they are morons and these unloved, unwashed morons just want to curse and relay what is inside their demented minds to anyone.

ratbert said...

well, women are easy targets for the desire/aggression of the population. men are not. c