Monday, August 27, 2007

Aimee Mann appears in The Seventh Python

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Aimee Mann filmed a segment today for The Seventh Python, the new Neil Innes documentary film from our pals at Frozen Pictures.

The Academy Award-nominated Aimee has known Neil Innes since she lived in England in the early Nineties, and featured his vocals on her album, I'm With Stupid, as well as on her classic recording of Harry Nilsson's "One," which was featured in PT Anderson's film, Magnolia (along with her song, Save Me that scored the nomination).

Aimee praised Innes as a songwriter, a satirist, and even remembers where she was-- "and what the room looked like" when she first saw The Rutles on TV. “I have to say that some of the Rutles songs are my favorites. I like them more than the Beatles songs. I think that I had more kind of hero worship and I had more of a crush on Ron Nasty than I ever had on John Lennon.”

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