Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Publicist makes the news: Norah gets a ring

We caught this item on Page Six this morning:

P.R. potentate Norah Lawlor, who's been busy helping handle the VIPs at Bridgehampton Polo this summer, was sporting a dazzling Tiffany diamond ring last weekend, presented to her on bended knee by Jeffrey Bradford, a British business consultant with a Ph.D. in game theory. No date has been set yet, but Bradford is said to be moving to New York in October to set up house with his beloved.

Norah is the Canadian sweetheart who worked her way to become one of New York City's top PR-istas and now runs a top public relations firm. She is the best! She was also a key player in tabloid television's golden era and is featured in the book, Tabloid Baby.

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