Monday, August 20, 2007

NSFTV? CBS takes hit for Survivor's nude wrestler

It took only a few hours, but already there's growing unease over CBS' promotion of a Playboy model and WWE bimbette as a contestant on Survivor: China, with more than few insiders worrying that Ashley Massaro's participation drags the prestigious franchise down to the level of The Surreal Life (see Joanie "Chyna" Laurer).

It's one thing to plug professional poker, as they will with contestant Jean-Robert Bellande. CBS is really dealing with the devil on this one, heaping praise on the controversial World Wrestling Entertainment (the week after the untimely death of another of its former wrestlers) and getting in bed with Playboy-- both signs that a flailing Mark Burnett and CBS are scrambling to keep the old franchise fresh and attract younger viewers in its 15th season.

Check out Ashley's video interview on the Survivor site, in which the naked lady wrestler takes time to plug Vince McMahon's WWE, saying, "I couldn't be happier. I have the best job in the world and I work for the greatest company ever.

"I mean they just take such good care of us and I just really love my job."

Could the handjob be a result of the tough negotiations to get her on the Survivor? "For WWE to let me go for such a long time there was definitely a little arm wrench in there..."

In fact, the entire interview seems to be scripted. Do ordinary folks refer to posing on the cover of Playboy (which Ashley does, about a minute into the tape) as "gracing" the cover? "One of the other things that I'm pretty proud of and that I never thought would possibly happen, did--was gracing the cover of the Playboy magazine. April issue. It was unbelievable, Seeing yourself on the cover of Playboy is sort of just like, surreal, you know, it, it's you know, it's just really awesome."

See more of Ashley, in her NSFW glory, here.


Anonymous said...

Mark Burnett has been in bed with Playboy since the beginning. Several of his reality stars -- at least 3 from Survivor and one from Apprentice -- have already been on the cover (graced the cover?) of Playboy and appeared nude inside.

Anonymous said...

didn't they appear in Playboy after they appeared on the show?