Sunday, August 19, 2007

Death reveals curse of All The Presidents' Movies

The death of Michael K. Deaver yesterday marked the third death in six months of a Presidential adviser who appeared in the documentary series All The Presidents' Movies and officially attaches a curse to the acclaimed three-part, three-hour project.

Presidents, narrated by Martin Sheen (The West Wing's President Bartlett) and produced by our pals at Frozen Pictures, told for the first time, the history of the White House screening room, showing how presidential movie tastes can reflect, and even influence, presidential decisions.

The film included interviews with Presidential advisers, friends, filmmakers and actors who were lucky enough to have their films screened in the White House theatre-- and presidents themselves.

But now, those three deaths in the past six months have cast a pall over the project and have already led to "All The Presidents Death Pools" in Hollywood and Washington, DC:

February 28th: Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Kennedy aide;

April 26th: Jack Valenti, Johnson aide and longtime head of the Motion Picture Association of America;

and now, August 18th: Michael Deaver.


All The Presidents' Movies was first show on Bravo in August 2003 and is now playing in international markets including Japan and Israel. Though President Ronald Reagan died in 2004 and President Gerald Ford passed away in December 2006, the first intimations of a curse being attached to the project came in November 2005, when its DVD release date was postponed. Two ensuing Fourth of July release dates were also moved back because of problems with the distributor.

Sources tell us a new distributor is being sought and every effort is being made to get the DVD out while George Bush is still in office.

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