Friday, August 03, 2007

An open letter to Barry Bonds

Dear Barry,

At a time when the nation should be rallying behind you, baseball fans the world over resent the fact that your climb through the home run record books has been fueled by steroids, while your career and all its legitimate achievements have been overshadowed by the assumption that you're a cheater.

Face it: Everybody hates you.

But here's a way to turn it around:

Stop now.

Walk away. Retire. Give up the chase one home run away from tying the monumental accomplishment by the great Hank Aaron.

Think of the impact of such a selfless act. It would turn the tide of negativity, inspire others to make similar sacrifices and make you a beloved, respected figure-- a bigger man than you could otherwise hope to be. You would be a hero.

Think about it.

Think about doing it for the kids.


Elli in Israel said...

your bonds letter was actually a column by someone at a sports site before the season. nice idea, but since aaron is shunning bonds, you can be sure bonds wants to say fuck you to aaron.

Green_Eyed_Laura said...

That is so unfair. If I took all them steroids, you can bet I wouldn't be hitting any homeruns. Rethink your logic. Any accomplishment we reach takes talent. Barry Bonds has worked damn hard. He deserves to be recognized for that.