Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kate Coe gets jump on artist suicide mystery

The mysterious suicides of artsy couple Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake have spawned Internet rumours and conspiracy theories since her body was found in her NYC apartment last month and he apparently walked into the sea.

Now, the day after police identified Blake's washed-up corpse, our pal Kate Coe from Fishbowl LA has already gotten to the bottom of the mystery and cut through a lot of the the myths about the writer-game designer and her video artist boyfriend in paragraphs like this:

In a written exchange in 2006, Duncan and I discussed how people create personal façades. She wrote, “I said I had the last credits of my B.A. on résumés when I did not. I shave a couple years off my age sometimes, which is the only thing I regret.” In the same exchange, she explained that having arrived in Hollywood, “I tell the truth about all these things all the time. The fantasy is handled in my day job. Plus, my profile is raised and I don’t want any fodder for making me look unreliable when I have to handle large crews and budgets.”

Paranoia. Lies. Dark pasts. Strange rants. The article paints a very personal, surprising picture of the couple (Kate knew Duncan) and could very well be the outline for a book.

Read the story here.

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