Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Carolla muzzles Bonaduce

We'll go out on a limb and say that Danny Bonaduce isn't long for the Adam Carolla radio show.

The volatile former child actor and reality TV subject was added into the broadcast earlier this year after Carolla had spent 2006 droning and wasting hours of formerly valuable airtime formerly ruled by Howard Stern in Los Angeles and a few other cities. Bonaduce, for all his steroidal and chemical-testosterone-enhanced aggression, brought an unexpected blast of reality, comedy and professionalism to the sho w, which had previously been filled with Carolla's monotonal and repetitive rants, misogynist tirades and long dead-air skits with "characters" like the notoriously unfunny "Deaf Frat Guy.'

And after the announcing that his wife would be filing for divorce in April, Bonaduce began to run rampant, causing real human sparks with third wheel Theresa Strasser, and effectively stealing the show from Carolla. Bonaduce was so unexpectedly good that we were led to write last month:

Strange but true and you read it here first: Danny Bonaduce is on the verge of becoming the new Howard Stern.

Well wouldn't you know it.

Carolla and his people have obviously lowered the boom on Bonaduce. In the days after our Stern comparison spread across the internet, Carolla began filling the show with comedian pals, and Bonaduce slid back into a supporting role. In the past days, Bonaduce has been announcing the fact that he is a "sidekick," repeating that he's a suppporting player, part of the Adam Carolla Show team, and not the star of the show.

Carolla, meanwhile, has amped up his stream-of-consciousness observational drones. Now it's about him again. His insecurity is pathetic. His talent is negligible. He's bringing down his own show.

Bonaduce's talent, his combination of macho dumbness, bookreading knowledge and quick-witted middlebrow wit makes him ripe for a show of his own.

(And by the way, whatever did happen to Howard Stern? He's not part of the public discussion any more, is he?)


Anonymous said...

danny bondaduce is a really good morning show host. i live in LA and really enjoyed listening to his Danny and Jamie White show (Jamie also being hilarious). I wish that show would come back, those were the good times. to say bonaduce is going to be the next howard stern? i disagree, he's completely different, and he's based in LA. i think he'd have difficulty crossing over the east coast crowd.

also note: adam carolla who?

in related news, howard stern is having a hissy fit over his Hollywood Zombies (http://www.hollywoodzombies.com , the same people who brought you Garbage Pail Kids) parody trading card depicting him as a zombie. it's hilarious, he should get that. i work with Hollywood Zombies so i'm just spreading the good (read: funny) word.

all i gotta say to stern is:


bonaduce would laugh up a storm if he was showcased in something like this.

what do you think?

tabloidbaby said...

Howard should be happy for the publicity...

MikeDawg said...

I don't know if this is a why Adam Carolla is in the crap-hole in the LA market and huge in the Las Vegas market (I'm in LV), but. . . Danny Bonaduce couldn't be any less interesting to me, he has no range, he has no depth. If he were allowed to have his own show, once again, it would go on for hours everyday yapping, and whining about himself.

On the Adam Carolla Show, Danny can't speak about himself any more, and to be quite honest with you, I don't really care what happens with Bonaduce any more, its all the same old, same old.

Anonymous said...

Dude, your announcement "spread across the internet?"

Sorry to burst that bubble... but a 5th rate blog without its own url buried in the google site ratings doesn't spread the word across the internet.

This article has, now, four comments, that other article had zero.

Glad you're here not making a difference. I feel bad for you... Well not much, but I do.

Cal said...

Bonaduce was a completely worthless addition to the show. I've been listening to Carolla for years now and have learned so much from him. Every day I pick up something new. Adam Carolla is "funny in a Carolla way". Oh and you can't write worth shit. Is this Bonaduce?

Anonymous said...

I can accept that there are those who praise Bonaduce and hate Carolla, but it's pretty obvious that those people are intellectually inferior, unevolved assclowns who like to have everything screamed at them with the grating, pre-cancerous croak of a loathesome, pathetic, needy no-talent hack.

Anonymous said...

I really have a hard time believing this isn't some horribly inadequate attempt at an Onion-esque parody article.

jsilv said...

the range of Adam Carolla lasts a good 2 hours. but after that its over and he has been using the same boring ass material since his Love Lines days. the guy isnt smart and is definitely not funny. i dont know if Danny Bonaduce is worse, but both are bad. they need talent, not Jimmy Kimmels personal hand job AKA Adam Carolla.

Anonymous said...

Danny is now gone!!! woot! whoe4ver wrote this blog thought he contributed so much to the show. Lets see how many listeners follow Danny. I had to search the internet for almost an hour to see if he quit or was fired...(hoping it was fired) then I saw he has his own 1 hour show. Even an hour is too long to listen to just him. Whoever thought to give that guy a microphone anyway? I'd much rather listen to a cat get beaten every morning. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

the dooch man had grated on all our nerves for wayyyy too long. my wife had stopped listening to adam because of him, all my friends likewise rarely listened anymore because of danny and his awkward and self-involved bullcrap.

the thing about carolla is that idiot bloggers like you think he isn't funny, when he may well be the funniest person in showbusiness. then again, maybe all those other failures he's had in writing and running other shows are indicators that he's a true failure. idiot.