Tuesday, June 12, 2007

NBC marks 9/11 with 'The Biggest Loser.' Nice.

NBC is commemorating the sixth anniversary of the September 11th attacks with The Biggest Loser! Didn't we already see that gag on 30 Rock? Guess not, because it's true. Though the stunt sounds like some kind of wiseguy liberal Hollywood statement, NBC's new programming boss and legendary party animal Ben Silverman is running a two hour fourth-season premiere (what do you bet they do triage with a "very special" Dateline at 10?) at 8 pm on that most solemn of evenings-- even though it hits a few days before the Nielsen-approved official start of the fall season.

NBC also plans a "Where Are They Now?" special for September 4th. No, it's not about the whereabouts of bin Laden and his gang. It features past contestants and how they've done since their time on the show.

Loser, by the way, is produced by Revielle, the company Ben Silverman ran before taking the NBC gig.

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