Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bonaduce announces divorce, steals radio show

Danny Bonaduce has livened up morning radio in LA since he was forced into the mix at the low-rated, monotonous and amateurish Adam Carolla show that replaced Howard Stern. While Carolla, whose job is protected by BFF Jimmy Kimmel's contract as a "comedy consultant" to the station group, continues his sour, droning, know-it-all dummy rants about dry-walling and left-turn signals, Bonaduce has added a lowbrow Sternian dose of reality.

And this morning, he took the show to a compelling new level that Carolla couldn't have imagined when he announced that he and his red-haired songstress wife Gretchen-- costar of his VH1 hyper-reality TV show Breaking Bonaduce-- are heading for a divorce.

Breaking chronicles Bonaduce's problems with drugs, alcohol, anger management-- and his marriage, so his revelation was a taser dart in the drabness, riding herd over an interview with an actress from ABC's Notes from The Underbelly.

Carolla, oblivious to the broadcast gold, tried to move things along, promising more guests to come-- until he obviously received a sleepy morning phone call from his guru during a commercial break, because he returned to state with great solemnity that a special announcement from Jimmy Kimmel would be saved until tomorrow.

Then Bonaduce took over. He said he doesn't want the divorce and loves his wife but-- demonstrating his skill in creating radio soap opera-- promised to be having sex with another woman by 3:30 in the afternoon.

He also said he warned Gretchen in a phone call last night that if she pushes him too far, he'll drag out the divorce, show up naked and drunk at the radio station, lose his job, go to jail and let her and their two kids starve.

Bonaduce said he apologized immediately, but no one believes the threat isn't real.

Stay tuned!

And that, Carolla, is good radio.

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