Thursday, May 17, 2007

Howard Stern admits he's talking to himself

"If you want free speech, walk in a closet and talk to yourself."

Howard Stern and his fans have insisted for months now that the former radio personality, taste-maker and commentator left “terrestrial” radio for a private satellite service simply because he was fed up with censorship and would be able what he wanted.

We’ve been saying for months now that portions of his show will return to free radio in one form or another, and soon, because his influence and audience have vanished.

This week, as Howard sidestepped the issue of rival XM Satellite’s suspension of competing shock jocks Opie & Anthony for taking free speech “too far,” he essentially agreed with us, admitting that for all the effect he now has on popular culture, he may as well be talking to himself.

"If you want free speech,” he said on yesterday’s show, “walk in a closet and talk to yourself."

Sources: Marks Friggin’ Howard Stern Stuff and the Los Angeles Times.

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