Monday, June 18, 2007

Lindsay reads Tabloid Baby-- cancels party!

Less than 24 hours after Tabloid Baby's report that it's still a go, Lindsay Lohan's people say they've canceled her 21st birthday party scheduled at the Pure, the wild Las Vegas nightclub.

Yesterday, we questioned the wisdom of the once bash (originally sponsored by a vodka company), in light of the fact that Lindsay is still in drug and alcohol rehab (above)!

Lohan's rep took the response to the celeb-friendly US Weekly this morning, stating: "The party was canceled officially over two weeks ago." Yet on Friday, the people at Pure responded to our question, saying via email:

"The party is still scheduled. We can put you on the guest list which allows you to bypass the main line but still pay the cover of $20 for ladies and $30 for gentlemen."

"We were confused why Pure was even still promoting it," Lindsay's person claims. "But Lindsay will not be having the birthday party at PURE and is focusing on her recovery 100%.”

Smart. And a good, though belated, gift for Fathers Day.

Now, here's another piece of free advice: Get Lindsay away from Hollywood and bad influences. Sign her to a remake of Ice Station Zebra or a live-action movie with penguins.

And let her see her father.

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