Friday, June 08, 2007

Cruel & definitely unusual

How far do we have to go to keep our minds off the important things? It's time for that pardon from the Governator.

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Anonymous said...

kkxgmjwtHarry Levin(GOOF BALL)!, and theese Rich folk Lawyers saying nobody would get what Paris Hilton got is pure b.s.!She Drove drunk three times atleast(that she got caught at!)I am sure she drove drunk sevral more times than that.We all know she did't even finish high school,and have seen how stupid she is on "The Real Life",But the fact remains she could have killed people several times while driving drunk and gotten away with it! With Shappiro and the lot!Three dui's, and you do time ,period!Did she even go to driving school?She didn't have a liscence the last time she drove?No!Therefore she is GUILTY! And all of us non- rich Famous mogull spawn people,would never even get to talk to theese Lawyer's for The Hiltons', Blake's, Simpson' etc.,That we cant afford! And would definitely WOULD DO MUCH MORE TIME!Theese Lawyer's saying anything different is just a "SALES PITCH" to the "HILTON FAMILY FOR WORK IN THE FUTURE!"She should do two years minus good behavior,like my friend did for the exact same thing!!!!Theese Lawyers are lying scum from rich parent's!They are only good when you can afford one!The rest of the time the are self centered scumbags Shappiro,and the lot are full of it and should be disbarred!She Had three chances and,ignored them all!Throw the book at her and disbar theese scumbags on t.v they are all experts at Hollywood rich man's justice,but not the real world!All of you Please just shut up! and let POOR Paris! do her 45 days minus good behavior.End of story!She will get through it and make millions off the book she said she was going to write!Give her a chance to actually have a job.Unless she can't write,other than her cell number to a rich boy on the way to make another porno movie!