Thursday, June 21, 2007

Her millionaire husband married his daughter!

Back in September, we turned you on to the story of a multimillionaire who married his daughter. The story of Bruce and Linda McMahan, that we called "Chinatown meets Miami Vice on the corner of Wall Street, a sordid, diamond-encrusted scandal," was written by Kelly Cramer and published against great odds by our pal Tony Ortega, the intrepid renegade editor of the New Times Broward-Palm Beach.

Thanks to work like that, Tony is now editor of the Village Voice (which gets a mention in the prologue to Tabloid Baby), and he's got an update to the story in New York City: McMahan's fifth wife-- the one he was married to while he was incestuously romancing and seducing his daughter and taking her off to the ungodly nuptials, is talking for the first time.

Kelly's first story was called Daddy's Girl. This update is titled Daddy's Dog. And that's how Elena, a Ukranian who met McMahan when she was a cruise ship bartender and he was on vacation with wife #4, says she's been treated by the big dog.

Elena is the one who uncovered the sleazy relationship and used it when McMahan tried to divorce her in 2005. After a brief reconcilaition, he's living in Dubai and Elena's living in his big house n Westchester while the divorce proceedings go on.

This story has unpeeled like a steamy dark Florida noir novel, and with Elena moving forward, now we can say it's got the elements of a Russian novel. Read the latest installment here.

Way to go, Tony O, giving people a reason to read the Voice beside sthe club listings.

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