Friday, September 28, 2007

Bonaduce may ankle Carolla show for Chicago!

Adam Carolla's crapulous LA morning radio show got a cattle prod up its flabby ass earlier this year when former child star and adult wild card Danny Bonaduce was forcibly injected into the mix. Carolla's show actually became listenable as Bonaduce brought some Howard Sternian (remember him?) reality and heart into what was otherwise dominated by Carolla's boring, repetitive, droning, know-nothing rants, ridicule of immigrants and "characters" like the Deaf Frat Guy.

But after Bonaduce brought the show to new levels of honesty and listenability in the days following the announcement of his impending divorce, the insecure Carolla and company clamped the lid on him, stuffed him back into the second banana cage and somehow have forced him since to play the often uninterested gravel-voiced support act to a Carolla dominance that's supported by his partner Jimmy Kimmel's contract as comedy consultant to the station group.

Now, Carolla may be left swinging in the breeze. Today's Chicago Sun-Times reports:
Don't be too surprised if the afternoon vacancy at classic rock WLUP-FM (97.9) remains open past the end of the year... Speculation is heating up that the Loop's leading candidate for the job is Danny Bonaduce, who's under contract through January as Adam Carolla's morning co-host on CBS Radio's KLSX-FM in Los Angeles. The former child star revived his career in the early '90s at the former WLUP-AM. That's where Bonaduce first worked with Jonathon Brandmeier, who now hosts mornings at the Loop...
Bad news for all!

Despite the inexplicable handjob administered to Carolla in the latest Los Angeles magazine, Carolla on his own will see ratings drop back to his Dave Damashek levels. Let's hope this news is an agent's negotiating tactic to get Bonaduce his own show in LA.

Send Carolla to Chicago. Danny Bonaduce belongs in Hollywood.

...a tip of the Tabloid Baby hat to Adrienne for the heads up...


MikeDawg said...

I can't believe you actually like Bonaduce!

What believability does Bonaduce bring to the show? He is constantly lying. He begins a statement by saying he has no friends, and ends it with name-dropping one of his "good friends" all in the same sentence.

He continually tells stories about how he was there at a strip club (which he also claims he has never been at) when Motley Crue wrote Girls, Girls, Girls. He lies so much, he can't keep up with them.

All these lies and stories are not interesting at all to me; and you're probably a complete moron if you enjoy these stories.

Whitey said...

Bonaduce sucks. People who prefer that douche over Carolla also prefer to watch pro-wrestling over football. They prefer hot-dog on a stick to prime rib, and would rather masturbate to porn than have sex with a real woman.

Anonymous said...

You actually like Bonaduce on the radio? You've got to be kidding me. I've never read a better example of bad taste than your blog.

Anonymous said...

Carolla gets old too. Carolla's two favorite subjects to talk about are immigrants (both legal and illegal) and Jimmy Kimmel. The guy is limited in his creativity, unlike Stearn and other national radio hosts. That is why Carolla won't go national. He doesn't have tha type of "mojo". Bonaduce did add to the show, he expanded its universe of subjects that they could talk about. As for Teresa, she is great!