Monday, September 10, 2007

Update: Hendrie back on LA-area radio! Tonight!

A tip of the Tabloid Baby hat to the anonymous commenter who sends us this very timely update on the return to radio and whereabouts of demented genius Phil Hendrie:

T Baby, Phil starts tonight at a small-signal station in LA. (Maybe add some tinfoil to that antennae and hope for the best!)

KLAA-AM 830: 10pm-1am. Word has it they're planning on moving to new offices inside Anaheim Stadium.

Great news! Though Orange County's Anaheim is part of Los Angeles only if you buy into the truthiness of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (and as Disneyland devotees-- we do!)

(UPDATE to the UPDATE:: Catch Phil Hendrie live on the Internet here. There are mp3 archives of the new show here. You can stream classic Phil (with some new stuff) here. And another tip of the Tabloid Baby hat to Giasen for the info.)


Anonymous said...

Phil is great, even when he's doing straight talk and politics.

I knew I was among friends when I read your opinion, Teeb, of Michael Savage ("hysterical") and the reason you can't listen to Miss Laura Ingraham (the voice). Same as me, too... both. Yknow, it's the rare chatboard or cocktail party where one can even admit to listening to Dr. Weiner, let alone getting a huge kick out of him. I think; I laugh; I howl. Repeat!

Here's to Phil's success as he returns to the twisty end of our radio dial.

tabloidbaby said...

Cheers, Anon!

A toast of Rockstar energy drink to you!

Savage makes us laugh out loud. When he goes on a screed, we have to pull over the car!

giasen said...

actually you can also listen live on the internet at


there are mp3 archives of the new show at


and you can stream classic phil (with some new stuff) at


Anonymous said...

thanks, g! People are always divided as to whether Phil should keep the characters or if he has merit enough just rapping. I think he's great either way, with a trademark talent no one can touch and still delivers hot talk-radio topics. Er, no I'm not his mom or on his paid staff. : )