Monday, September 03, 2007

"TMZ TV! It's a stinky poo!" (They said it, not us)

As the debut nears for the syndicated TV show based on the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com, "sneak peak" ads the syndicator is splashing on the Internet promise a half-hour that looks more like a very late-night cable show than mainstream syndicated fare. All the footage is shot at night, there's a concentration on the tired Britney-K-Fed-Paris crowd (with a focus on many anonymous scenesters), and one video teaser even has green cartoon vomit projecting from a celebutard's mouth.

Our personal favorite is the one called "TMZ Promo - Real" on the TMZ website (see it here):
ANNOUNCER: "Every day, millions turn to TMZ.COM for their celebrity fix."


ANDY DICK: "It's a stinky poo."
Later, the announcer intones that TMZ TV is "REAL!" -- over footage of a car lurching into a wall-- accompanied by a loud, fake sound effect of a much larger crash!

First off: "It's a stinky poo"? Did a group of television professionals sit in a room, watch that promo, and give it the thumbs up? Did they applaud? Do they talk that way in the office? We'll save that one for another day. The "Real" promo leads to bigger questions, like:

How much fakery is involved in the trademark TMZ celebrity and celebutard confrontations? With Andy Dick on board as celebrity spokesman (surely there are more prominent, mainstream figures captured on video telling the TMZ boys to fuck off), is it possible that Dick's alleged attack on a TMZ cameraboy last week-- trumped-up and publicized mightily by the site-- was a faked stunt, as well?

Who cares? There are but seven Harveys to go to the big premiere!


Anonymous said...

Giving benefit of the doubt, it still sounds awful. Fake vomit, fake sound effects. Andy Dick is quirky, but TMZ is not.

Now the powerhouse question. Can the brand overcome the lack of quality?

Tamara said...

Did you actually watch the footage of Andy Dick chasing the cameraman? It even looked completely staged.

TMZ is like the nerdy kid at school who does disgusting things, like picking their nose, to get attention from the cool kids. LOL

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