Friday, September 21, 2007

Rather's lawsuit tells what Tabloid Baby told

Poor old Dan Rather. It’s easy to imagine the embittered old ego-driven nutcase sitting in his darkened living room with a bottle of Jack Daniels and staring at his complimentary Hi Def TV, muttering while watching Katie Couric, plumped in his old chair on his old show, chattering away all the credibility he thought he’d built before he took his great fall.

But that lawsuit of his—whoo-ee!

There's reason insiders at CBS are shaking their heads—and sweating in their Burberrys, because should it be opened at trial, Rather’s can of worms will confirm everything about network television news that was first revealed in the book Tabloid Baby more than seven years ago.

And the suit will show why the former “Big Three” networks, from Victor Neufeld at ABC, Tom Brokaw at NBC and Dan and Bryant Gumbel and company at CBS (the great Mike Wallace excluded, seeing that he wrote a jacket blurb: “Sad, funny, undeniably authentic, Tabloid Baby tells the tale of what befell too much of mainstream television news over the past couple of decades as the bad drove out the good”-- led a media blacklist of the book.

The elitist “anchormen and “correspondents” who set the agenda are little mire than straw men and women— performing puppets and showdogs who bluster and preen for the men in white shirts behind the scenes. They do have an agenda. And they look down on their audience. Among other things.

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Anonymous said...

props, TB. Must feel good to have the bullies face their own past.

The opening paragraph on Dapper Dan had me laughing...