Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Spector Trial: No verdict, but threat leads to nice pix

We were checking to see if there was a verdict in the Phil Spector case when we read the LA Times story that "the jury in the Phil Spector murder trial completed its 11th day of deliberations without a verdict today as the Sheriff's Department launched an investigation into what authorities said was an implied threat against the judge in the case. A post on a MySpace page titled the Official Team Spector site stated, 'The evil judge should die,' possibly a threat against Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler, who has run the Spector trial for months..."

Which led us to the Phil Spector Official Team Spector MySpace Page and some very interesting photos, some of which are included here, some of which featuring John Lennon, near whose head Phil Spector once fired a gunshot into the ceiling when our Hudson Brothers pals were in the next studio.

"I was at A&M Studios with my brothers and everyone knew that Lennon was in the big studio with Phil Spector and through the walls you could hear Spector going off on John. One time, Spector pulled out a large gun and started chasing John through the hallways, John was trying to laugh it off but it was horrible. I mean, Spector's reputation had preceded him. I was scared to death."
--Mark Hudson
in Larry Kane's book,
Lennon Revealed

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