Thursday, September 13, 2007

Urgent! Dr. Ruehl is on TV again tonight!

This just in from our contributor and pal, Dr. Franklin Ruehl, who this year has gone from tabloid newspaper and cable talk show legend to one of the hardest-working character actors in television, with roles in shows ranging from Mad Men to Sunset Tan to Without Prejudice:


FX-10:30PM- "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"

I am Father McPoyle, the creepy head of a family of weirdos!

- I will have heavy make-up on as I greet a rival at a picnic grounds

- I am not certain that this is the epsiode I am in, as I was given a range of 4 episodes nos.

- On the other hand, the epsiode I am in may be on 4 times tonight, beginning at 10PM through midnight.

- Coincidentally, I was born in Philly.
Doc, we love the line, "I am not certain that this is the episode I am in," but give us some advance notice next time!

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