Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Farrah's "cancer buddy" writes about funeral

Brett Hudson, who was treated with Farrah Fawcett at German cancer clinics and whose documentary film project about alternative treatments has been dedicated to her memory, shares his thoughts about Farrah and her funeral yesterday at his popular blog page on The Klinik movie website.

Hudson writes:

"I went to say goodbye to my friend Farrah yesterday. Her funeral service was beautiful... It was strange for me in a way. Farrah and I were both fighting for our lives at the same time and she's not here anymore. When we were in Germany at The Klinik, I was only three months in to my disease-- a rookie, so to speak. Farrah had been battling her cancer for over a year. In our six-hour drive to Frankfurt, her strength, determination and fearlessness were an inspiration to me in fighting this hideous disease.

"Farrah said to me, 'Never, ever give up. Keep fighting'..."

Read his complete Farrah post here.

Hudson, one of Tabloid Baby's pals from Frozen Pictures, was most embarrassingly misidentified in a Tabloid Baby post yesterday with a picture of actor Ernie Hudson, who was also at the services.


markbyrn said...

For whatever reason (vanity comes to mind), Farrah rejected the permanent colostomy surgery that might of saved her life, and instead was taken for a ride by the quack science clinics and ended up dead. While she can celebrated for her past work in entertainment, she and her celebrity cohorts have no business dispensing medical advice.

All Bastards Must Pay said...

You are and Idiot!

Remember that every science every medical advancement at one time or another was viewed as “Quackery”

Her “American” Doctors said that the tumor was inoperable – removing her ASS would not have saved her – You Complete Moron

It was her “German” Doctors that did finally remove the tumor; albeit too late.

It is pure American arrogance that believes that everything performed outside the United States is “Quackery”.

Other countries have excellent and innovative medical advances and some have even been know to make a few miraculous life saving breakthroughs.

The next time you decide to open your mouth and prove to the world why your mother should have taken advantage of the plethora of birth control methods that medical science have provided to us perhaps you can have that monkey who is writing this for you – since obviously you are completely illiterate – read to you the information that can be found at the Klinik web site; you would see that there is nothing “Quackery” about the process.

Had Brett Hudson listened to his “American” Doctors like Farrah did he too would be gone now.

He is not telling you or anyone WHAT medical advances to use he is merely sharing his experience and letting people know that there are “Alternatives” to the “American” way of treating these horrific diseases and that it is up to each individual to take charge of their own lives.

Don’t allow the Pharmaceutical and Insurance companies to diagnose you and force you into the poor house or mortuary simply because they want to make the all mighty buck.

There is hope but we must make a stand.

Farrah Fan 09 said...

Dear All Bastards Must Pay, Bravo! Thanks for saying what most of us would like to say but don't have the balls to do so! Dear markbyrn, it was Farrah's choice of what treatments she would seek. I think she may have died quicker if she had not gone to Germany. Farrah had great faith in God and both her American doctors and German Doctors. In fact one of her American Doctors was with her when she died. Her last words to him was "Thank You". Sounds like she was happy with them to me. My mother always said if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Farrah is not around to defend herself, so leave her be. Farrah paid the price of her decisions and we can not say if she was wrong or right. Farrah, you are very much loved and missed

Mother of the year said...

Thank you to Brett for his entry. It's a shame we can't comment on his blog. I'm happy that he is doing so well.

I'm sorry Farrah lost the fight. I don't know if a colostomy would have cured her & the answer is something I am interested in. I feel that more of us will fight this cancer as we get older and are learning the possible side effects of things we put in our bodies when we were younger; or a combination of things; such as hormone replacement after menopause.

One of her American doctors did say it was her only option left from what I remember. I've also read that a colostomy combined with a chemo that makes the hair fall out is the best option; but I do not know the specifics of Farrah's cancer which does make a difference because of the various stages & if it had spread.

The choice was Farrah's to make.
Farrah made the choice that she was comfortable making and I give her credit for that.

This is how we are going to find a cure for cancer with some opting to go elsewhere or patients staying in the states and finding a clinical trial. Not enough people risk doing a clinical trial.

It's said this cancer (as well as other cancers) are the result of the HPV virus; and getting young teens vaccinated with Gardasil is supposedly the answer. Please research gardasil complications before vaccinating your child/self the complications if you are one to get them could be serious. The vaccine has not been around long enough to know the benefits or life long side effects.

Rest in peace Farrah