Sunday, July 19, 2009

Patrick Swayze is looking a lot better

With the Die in Threes celebrity death calculator thrown askew by the sheer number of clogs-popping stars from a variety of fields of fame (see Frank McCourt), it wasn't much of a leap to anticipate Patrick Swayze would be losing his battle against pancreatic cancer in the dead of summer. Happy to see in the Daily Mail, then, that the actor, dancer, and real-life tough guy is looking a hell of a lot healthier than he did back in April, when the effects of the disease and the chemotherapy used to fight it left him looking a step from the grave. Swayze's survival and odds-defiance can be credited in part to by treatment by the CyberKnife, a cutting-edge radiation device that blasts tumours with a high-powered laser, reaches tumours that conventional radiation cannot, and does its work in hours, as opposed to several punishing months.

The CyberKnife was brought to the world's attention by Tabloid Baby pal Brett Hudson and Frozen Pictures in their The Klinik documentary project, and has been getting a lot of attention in the UK becaue England now has its very first CyberKnife at Harley Street in London.


Angel Charlie said...

England got their first CyberKnife.
Germany has one CyberKnife system itself in Munich.
Would you care to hazard a guess at how many CyberKnife Centers there are in the US?

USA 107, Germany 1.

Mother of the year said...

Patrick - I hope you kick the monster cancer's ass.

You're looking great!

Mother of the year said...

Does Brett have another blog where people can comment?