Wednesday, July 22, 2009

See the ESPN Erin Andrews naked nude peephole hotel video!

Despite the dire warnings about comouter viruses being spread by viewings of the Erin Andrews nude hotel peephole videos, and threats against those who post it, we find it interesting that two days after the perverted, apparently criminal betrayal and unconscionable invasion of privacy was revealed to the world by the ESPN gals' attorneys, the video is now easily accessible with a simple Google video search (on an official page where screengrabs have been available throughout).

Interesting also that this video, apparently shot through a peephole drilled through the wall of her hotel room (not, as intimated originally, through through the peephole in the hotel room's door), and possibly by a fellow employee (one who'd be as high on the heap as Erin, rating a similar room in a posh hotel), has been online for something like four months, with the subject identified as an anonymous blonde who looks something like Playboy's Sexiest Sportscaster of 2007 and 2008 and object of admiration for sportsfan butt fetishists.

So why did Erin's people "out" her, knowing the video would suddenly become an Internet sensation? Is there any chance that Erin, seen prancing and posing, was party to voyeuristic games that were meant to remain private? There's lots in this story still to be revealed-- but it's a little strange that a "forbidden" video that no one but the one-handed typing crowd knew about three days ago is so easily accessible today.