Friday, July 03, 2009

Sarah Palin sex tape?

There's much speculation tonight as to why Sarah Palin chose the start of a holiday weekend (when traditionally fewer people are paying attention) to announce in a hasty, ill-prepared, rambling and mysteriously-worded news conference that she's quitting her job as governor of Alaska at the end of the month. Some say she'll begin rebuilding her image and powerbase so she can run for President. We like the theory that she's vamoosing as quickly as possible in advance of a bombshell scandal. Preferably a sex scandal. Proof of that affair. Or a sex tape.

Her presser was stranger and more evasive than Governor Mark Sanford's. Let's wait and see.


markbyrn said...

So she hid a skeleton of that magnitude in the closet during the election, but can't keep it quiet as she's fading from the national stage? My guess is she got a word of knowledge from the Lord (pentecostal speak for religious delusion) to quit politics so she can become the reincarnation of Jerry Falwell; the leader of neocon Christian Moral Majority II.

Anonymous said...

dont be so confident. rahm emanuel is running things now and the dems are out to destory the gop with dirty chicago politics . ensign, stanford and now palin. coincidence?

Anonymous said...

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